Trading Screener is the most powerful and flexible tool for currency traders. Whether you're a beginner or fund trader, Our designed scanners and unmatched functionality will help you create the best possible research for yourself or your clients. Thousands of traders around the world are scaling their results faster and more efficiently by using our research platform.

The Trading Screener Main Features!

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Powerful Market Scanners!

Trading Screener offers a lot of different scanners that are working all day long. Get ahead of the market with accurate actionable information when you need 24/7.

Discover All Opportunities, Instantly!

  • Find the most profitable plays quickly
  • Keep track of all the instruments relevant to Your Trading system
  • Trade like Big Funds with proved scanners that actually matter

Stop wasting time to find what's going on and get all important information with one simple click.

Quick Market Research!

We've worked for past years with a lot of traders to make this as intuitive as possible for you. Everything you need to know about any currency instrument is displayed in one page, and with our custom watchlist builder you can create your own watchlist dashboard.

Every Small Detail About Instruments In One Page!

  • Multi TimeFrame Trend Overview
  • Average and Current Market Move )
  • Best Session to Trade
  • Much, much more!

Stop losing your precious time and optimize your trading processes as much as possible



AI Cloud Trading!

Review & Place your trade in just a few seconds. Our Revolutionary AutoTrader will send you notifications each time there is a trading setup and all you need to do is just spend a few seconds checking the chart directly from your Phone.

Everything is there: StopLoss, TakeProfit, Risk %, RiskReward Ratio, Detailed Chart. After you tried it once it's kind of hard to trade old traditional way.

Effortless Trading. Let Algorithms Work For You!

  • Get Powerful Trading Alerts From Proven Algos
  • Trade Just From Your Phone!
  • Let Our Algos Work 24/5 For You


Our Seasonality tool will help you to improve your trading strategy because smart money will always do the same thing over and over again. Getting seasonal pattern will take only a few minutes, after that you will have your money map for this month or even a year!.

Discover Seasonal Patterns In Few Minutes

  • 20+ Years Of Seasonality Data
  • Split-Second Comparison
  • Available For Top Traded Currencies

A seasonal trading method can be used to predict future FOREX trends better than anything else.



Watch List Builder!

Making your Watch List has just got better, get ahead of the market with a split-second watch list build feature that allows you to create an unlimited amount of searches based on your current system.

Unlimited Watch Lists In One Click Only!

  • Quick & Easy Watch List Building
  • Pre-Programed Watch Lists For Most Used Trading Styles
  • Access all your watchlists fast from a single place

Start your day with Fresh Watch List every morning with one click

Special Bonus!

We have prepared a few extra Bonuses that will help you to push your trading to the next level...


Elliott Wave Forecasts!

We want you to start your day with quality forecasts based on the Time-Proven Elliott Wave Theory. You will get access to private currency and indices forecasts from Nicola Delic, leading Elliott Wave trader in Europe.

  • Elliott Wave forecasts covering 20 instruments (Forex/Commodities/Indices)

  • Every pair in the Elliott Wave section comes in two different time frames 1h and 1 day so that you will have our comprehensive view of the market

Daily & Weekly Overviews!

We wanted to help you in your trading a little bit more, so we will send you daily and weekly market gameplay videos where you will be taken onto Nicolas trade desk to update you on current market situation and key market points that you need to know! We are going to use only Trading Screener, so this can be helpful to see how to use our tools for best success.

  • Get Daily Video (Tue-Fri) At The Start Of London Session
  • Get Weekly Video Every Sunday

Special Education Class!

We have prepared our new class "90 Days Challenge" to help you to master the trading once and for all! It doesn't matter if you are new to trading or advanced trader, our class will help you to push your trading to the next level. The class is designed to guide you step by step how to be a profitable trader with just Trading Screener! So don't miss the chance to become a profitable trader fast!

  • Best Traders Class Of 2019
  • Get Access To All Private Tools Big Funds Use
  • Become a Profitable Trader In 90 Days

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This All Sounds Nice, But How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Trading Screener fee structure for institutional clients using our tool is $3000 per year. By opening our tool for retail clients, YOU now have the opportunity of "shadowing" the pros when it comes on getting all important data 24/7 and in doing so you will quickly realize why a lot of private funds pay us those high fees!

We are going to start with an introductory price of $97 per month. This price at some point will rise to standard membership cost of $149 per month for future retail clients.

Want to think about it for a bit longer? That’s fine with me but please appreciate that you could end up paying $100 per month more for membership once this current intro offer lapses. In addition to the trades and coaching that you’ll be missing out on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special software to run Trading Screener?

No, you do not. Trading Screener is entirely running on the cloud, so you can access our platform from any device PC (Windows or Mac), phone or tablet (iOS or Android) that have a high-speed internet connection.

Which market will be available in Trading Screener?

Our focus right now is on the Forex market; you will have research available for commodities and indices as well. We are going to add more assets shortly.

What's Preffered Platform for Auto Trader feature?

Auto Trader feature right now is available only for MT4 platform, Other platform versions will be available in the near future.

Can Trading Screener work with my current system?

If you understand your system rules, TS will be helpful. We have created a detailed tutorial that will help you to understand what features to use for different kind of systems.

Is Trading Screener a broker?

No, Trading Screener is a research platform that helps you to get market information and help you to get better trading decisions, but you will need a separate broker to execute a trade.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time, log in to TS dashboard and click on the “Cancel my Subscription” link in the top right corner. You’ll be immediately, and all billing will stop.