So you want to be a prop trader?

I have seen and known many people who have come into trading, blown an account, and given up, and I have met many who did that same exact thing, but stuck with it until they became profitable. Many retail traders once they become profitable hear about Prop firms and think to themselves “man, if I […]

An open letter to all new traders

All of you new traders out there probably learned about it through some Facebook ad, and spend all your time on forums trying out all kinds of different systems and indicators hoping you find the perfect one that makes you rich. This is a letter to all of you, if you want to be truly […]

The ways I handle loss in trading.

I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but if you want to be a successful trader, it takes work. If any of you reading are traders then there is something I have in common with you, Like all traders, I absolutely hate losing.  When I started trading, I literally would trade with no stop […]

The biggest challenge that I’m yet to overcome

I may be a successful trader, but that does not mean I am perfect, nobody is, I am human just like everyone else. When it comes to trading, everyone has their own issues and problems, things that they aren’t good at etc. For me, the largest problem I have had with my trading, and something […]

Mistakes most new traders make

How to Trade Forex Market

I was talking to some of my friends of mine who recently decided to start trading, and I noticed they all were making the same mistakes. When I was brand new to trading, just like everyone else, I made dumb mistakes, and I decided that I will list out the  most common mistakes I see […]

A goal i have and how i will achieve it

When I was looking through the forums, everyone’s goal seemed pretty much the same, become a full time trader and make millions, I understand that. Like everyone, when I started trading I was dreaming of riches, of making millions and billions of dollars. It wasn’t until I began trading seriously that I realized I needed […]

How to get more from Trading

I often like to browse the forums to see what people are saying about. I noticed tons of complaints about how hard it is to make money or talks about the lifestyle. One of the things I constantly see from new, and even some experienced traders, is they think the only way to make money […]

Why you should keep going and not quit trading

When I log onto forums like forex factory, one of the first things I see is people talking about how trading is a scam and impossible, people complaining about how brokers are stealing their money stop hunting, and even crazier, people claiming that trading is just gambling. Now, I am sure at this point, everyone […]

My daily trading routine

How to Trade Forex Market

When it comes to trading, I follow the same specific routine every single day. I noticed on the forums most people my develop some good habits like checking the news before a trade, but if you want to be a professional trader you need to go above and beyond and follow a set routine every […]

5 habits every trader should develop

I have been looking on the trading forums, and I noticed most traders just start every day up, load the charts, and look around randomly. They don’t have daily habits or a set schedule or plan, they just go for it, and do things as they go. I know when I started trading, I just […]