The steps i took to achieve Trading success

I was looking on the forums and seeing tons of new traders lately talking about if forex is a scam, and mentioning how hard it is to find good education to become successful and I was no exception. Just like every other trader out there, when I started it was because I saw a flashy […]

Top 3 Steps You Need To Follow, Before You Open Next Trade

Trading on the Forex market can be sometimes really hard and that is the one of the reasons why this site exist, today I want to share with you guys three things that you really need to do before you open next trade at the largest market out there. So Just relax for the next few minutes […]

Top #9 Most Common Questions About Elliott Wave!

For the last few days I was searching the major forex forums to see what people really asked about Elliott wave theory, I prepared this short articles about the Top 9 Most Common Questions About Elliott Wave, I hope you will enjoy it and get most of it. So let’s start from the first question! […]

My Favorite Trading Movies

My Favorite Trading MoviesThere are a few awesome wall street movies that you can try to watch when you get time. These movies portray the trading tale and the fate of a few known wall street professionals. These personnel were well-recognized in the world of trading. They had both their career and fortune in their favor  These movies […]

Top #10 Trading Quotes

Everybody needs to get a little bit motivation from time to time, so here is the list of top #10 trading quotes that motivates me through the trading day… Trading Quote #1 – “The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary.” Alexander Elder Trading Quote #2 – “The […]

How To Combine Channels & Elliott Wave!

Almost every trader already knows how to draw a channel on the chart, but today I will show you one easy way how to use something that you already know and add it to elliott wave theory. Ok, I know you will ask why should I use this? Let me just tell you that channels can […]

How to Plan Your Trade

I know that many of you think that placing a trade does not require a lot of effort, however, I think that if you stay with me and read this article then you can have more chance of getting better trading results in the future. As we all know, to be a good trader you […]

How to Prepare Your Trading Plan for Week Ahead

Many traders like to spend their weekend relaxing theme self from trading, but most of us like to spend few hours on Sunday to do small research and prepare weekly game plan. Today I would like to show you how I prepare myself for the week ahead. This short article will be helpful to medium […]

Top 8 Things Successful Traders Do Different Than You!

When we first say Successful Trader, automatically in your think about Warren Buffett, George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones… But in reality they are still only humans, just like you and me.So what separate you from them? The answer is simple, they just have a good habits that they follow every sing day…If you want to improve […]

The Shocking Secret Why So Much Traders Fail!

I’m really sick of so much people telling me from day to day that trading is hard, that they lose all of there’s money! So I decide to give you the “Secret Answer” why more than 90% people fail in the Forex game! Take few minutes of your time to read this article to the […]