What is Your Trading Style?

What is Your Trading Style?While entering the Forex market, many questions arise in the mind. If you are a beginner, you may have to go through a phase of uncertainty and face dozens of confusing concerns. This happens because you are not sure about your trading technique at this time. What should be your ideal trading […]

Top 5 Things Your Car Can Teach You About Trading!

Hi traders Nicola here. I would like to talk to you about few trading tips that your car can learn you easily. Its not the big secret, I have two passions in life trading and driving both passions I try to enjoy every single day for the last six years and I want to talk […]

TS Auto Trader – Flag Setups Review For January 23

The USDCAD had a really strong run yesterday, after a drop from 1.3171 high we can see a little bit more complex Flag formation. Idea was simple, after so extended move higher we can expect nice pullback.Risk Reward was 1:2.5 so smaller trade was fine. Take profit one was reached fast, unfortunately second target was […]

How Does The Forex Market Work

How to Trade Forex Market

How Does The Forex Market Work?   The forex market is a massive international exchange where completely different currencies are traded, i.e. both bought and dispensed of. It’s estimated to be the largest financial market in the world, and isn’t governed by the rules of anyone country. In addition to the present, whereas it is […]

Weekly Market Trade Plan 23 April 2019

GOLD Forecast

Another week another trading plan – over time we saw that having a trading plan to follow improves our results over time a lot, and most of our traders also feel more confident when they know exactly what to do whichever the market does.  BE READY – BE PROFITABLE – LET’s START. This week we […]